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Socialcam is an app that's very similar to Vine in that it allows you to play, capture, and share short videos from your Android.

The way the app works is virtually identical to Instagram and Vine. You can follow other users to automatically see their videos in your feed, and leave comments and likes as feedback.

When recording a video with Socialcam, there are more than a dozen different filters you can apply to your videos in real time. In addition, you can upload videos that have already been recorded if you want to use them to create high-quality video compositions.

As with other similar apps, with Socialcam, you can tag your videos so they can be found more easily by other users. Likewise, you can search for tags to find videos that interest you.

Socialcam is a really fun video-based social network. While it doesn't have a huge user base yet, it does have a remarkable amount of material.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher